Battery Washing Cabinet Equipment

The MTC Battery Wash Cabinet is designed to wash lift truck batteries in a totally enclosed environment, then "blow dry" the batteries as they are removed. It is specifically designed to help reduce environmental problems associated with battery cleaning.

MTC Battery Washing Cabinets Features:

  • Stainless steel construction and roller shafts ensure durability

  • Non-metallic air and water lines provide trouble-free operation

  • Chemicals not required

  • Multi-directional air and water nozzles rinse batteries in a totally enclosed environment

  • Adjustable wash cycles

  • Air curtain removes excess water

  • 120-Volt primary voltage with 12-Volt DC secondary voltage

  • Built-in drain tray with 1” pipe coupling removes sediment

  • Systems designed to accept PSRNS-1 sump pump in drain tray  to create a “closed-loop system”—a safe system for the environment